014-5102-332 Fender Tele

I have recently purchased a new Fender Standard Telecaster®. For the last 17 years I’ve used a MiJ (Made in Japan) Fender Stratocaster® (c1988)

014-5102-332 Standard Telecaster, Maple Fretboard, Brown Sunburst

The sounds that create legends! Since its introduction in the early 50s, the Fender® Telecaster®
guitar has been relied on by professional guitarists of all musical genres for its powerful tone
and smooth playability. The Standard Telecaster® incorporates the best of the old and new,
offering hotter single-coil pickups, shielded body cavities, medium jumbo frets, cast/sealed machine
heads and six-saddle strings-through-body bridge. New features include a tinted neck,
parchment pickguard and control knobs, and a ‘70s-style logo. The Standard Telecaster®…Plug
one in and listen for yourself! Standard gig bag included.

So what are my first impressions ? …

Well its very comfortable! the Tele feels like its meant to be there (seriously!) once I connected the leather strap and plugged in, it felt natural and not awkward! I once had a B.C Rich Warlock and that felt plain awful! the Tele matches well with my Amp. (Fender Deluxe 85) and recreating some of those classic rock tones is a breeze. I only use one stomp box, the Boss DD-3 (Digital Delay) I think keeping the set up as simple as possible is the key to enjoyable playing! Oh yeah, its much easier on the budget!  😀




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