13 days to go… to Icinga 1.0RC

With only 13 days to go before the first Release Candidate, There are some area’s that still need some testing before this can be classed as stable, these include IDOUtils PostgreSQL and German documentation.  To get hold of the current git branches or to just review the current changes please visit…

Its most important to test as much functionality as possible, in an attempt  to find if there are any bugs in the current code and most importantly to report any findings!

Report any issues to the following links…

Report Issue API
Report issue Core
Report Issue Docs
Report Issue Web

Once in the relevant link for the issue you are reporting, simply click on the tab “New issue”and submit you findings…


Reporting Issues


Again please assist as best you can with this,  and in doing so, you are helping in making Icinga one of the most user friendly monitoring suites!

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