Change of ISP (a breath of fresh air)

As of today I'm no longer hosted by Tel$ra Bigpond. I have switched to Internode, for the same plan but $20 cheaper! I think I have sorted all redirects now so to you the end user all should appear the same just for me it's better!  🙂

First Time Upstream load for Me Tv !!!

Well I've just had a very interesting evening with Michael Lamothe the developer of me-tv. He has talked me through the process of building a .deb file by using Launch Pad ( ) so after some initial teething problems! (just needed to sort out some required packages) all was going quite well considering that I have never done anything like this before! but I was determined to give it a go and see how it all fits together. So the end result was…screenshot-about-me-tv1

The important bit in this picture is the version number of 0.7.15 !!!  Oh and for those that may be interested in my site on launchpad you can check it out on …  

Server on the Wall

Now here's something you don't see every day! "a server on the wall" now this is taking server building to a practical use/purpose! It makes my server look "VERY" tame! I can see something like this taking off in the future! just imagine the conversations you could start up as you sit in your lounge and hear the hard disk drive being accessed and you could say well there's another visitor! for more information and pictures please visit…

Server on the Wall.

OK so it may not be everybody's cup of tea but it certainly bought a smile to me!   😀

All in a days work !!!

Today I visited a friend who was after a web-server. So I offered to set one up! and this side of things went along quite smoothly! Hmm… we must have missed something because it's (the web-server) not responding! so perhaps a setting in the DSL/NAT router has been overlooked or there's another router somewhere in the loop preventing it. Anyway hopefully this will be sorted soon!

Bigpond have done it again !!!

Well it appears that Bigpond have been withholding mail again! As I've just received mail from well over 12 hours ago! Now this is not unusual to happen from this ISP and this is the primary reason I decided to run my own email server to "TRY" to avoid such. But it seems that they still insist on providing a crap service! so for me its time to review the competition and move!