Just a little something for your car!

OBD2 interfacing with Linux!

189.ogg (application/ogg Object).

This goes to show you that your imagination is your only limit!

Me TV 0.8.7 (that was quick!)

Well if you thought the release of 0.8.6 was quick… then here’s 0.8.7 Please read the change log as there is some information contained that is important if you were having issues with the EPG taking a long time to load…


Me TV 0.8.6

Well it’s that time again!… I’m only building packages for Jaunty as of the 23rd of April…


Jaunty CD ISO Mirror (low speed)

I’ve just uploaded all the files for hosting a CD ISO Mirror! but realistically, you would be better off downloading any of the ISO’s from dedicated high speed mirrors! This is really only a benefit for my LAN but it’s available to the outside world as well.

UPDATE: No longer available, I needed the hard drive space!  😉

Server Upgrade o/

Well I’ve done it! my server has now been upgraded to Jaunty! the process was smooth and painless. I did however make one small mistake, I started the upgrade via ssh! Just a word of advice, DON’T attempt to do it this way! because your network services will be taken down during the process and your left with no means to communicate anymore! All was not lost as my server lives with me so I just had to login locally to continue.

The process overall took just over an hour to complete! most of this time was spent downloading the new packages! So apart form my mistake, the outcome has been great!  I’m now just checking everything to make sure it all still works…

Eagerly Awaiting (Jaunty)

As we eagerly await the official release of Ubuntu Janty Jackalope, lets take the time to think of all the people that have dedicated their time and efforts to the Ubuntu project. This is for me the true meaning of community spirit for such an undertaking.

I was focused on the UNR release as I had just recently aquired two Eee PC 701SD’s and I wasn’t too impressed with the stock supplied Xandros install. So I’m glad that Ubuntu is ready for Netbooks so I can truely claim that I’m 100% Ubuntu!

So well done to all involved !!!  o/

Ubuntu Jaunty Jakalope

Well as we await the official release of Jaunty, here’s a few things that I have found whilst using jaunty on my Netbook 701SD…

All the hardware works! but there was some trouble with the desktop switcher but that has now been resolved, the touch pad is still a little sluggish when compared to intrepid and has the tendency to skip about the screen so it’s possibly best to disable the double tap to avoid unnecessary exaction of programs!

The boot time is good, although I haven’t timed it to a second! from a cold boot to up and running, it all happens within approximately 30 seconds. There is still some crackle on the sound, I’m guessing there is still some pulse issues there but I’ve only really noticed it whilst using pidgin.

I’ve tended to use the classic desktop as there was an issue with tiling this was patched in the kernel (#40) but was reversed due to causing instability on other processes 🙁 so the netbook desktop for the 701 is basically not usable due to that bug.

So overall it’s not too bad! but there is still room for improvement and the only way to make this happen is to file bug reports through launchpad! Another thing to note is that the minimum specification for Januty UNR  processor is the Atom 1.6GHz so maybe the Celeron 900MHz that is used in the 701 series is just a little under powered for the job? Well I think that it works just fine! but that is for you to decide…

I’ll  be upgrading my server as soon as Jaunty is available as I’m keen to try the “cloud” (I hope that my server has the horsepower to run it!) as I am keen to try some virtual applications for testing purposes. So congrats to all those people who have been involved in this new release and now to look forward to future developments in Ubuntu!  🙂

Internode Outage part2

After my last post… I went to bed! so here was the outcome of the outage…

Internode :: Support :: Tools :: Advisories.

So everything appears to be working again as it should…

Internode Outage !!!

Well this is a first! I’m currently only talking to myself! So it appears that Internode has suffered a rather badly timed outage! (well for me anyway!) so fear not, this site will reappear as soon as my connection gets restored.

Ubuntu Caps

Arrive today from …  OK so I’m not the prettiest model but it’s the caps your looking at not me! …