GNOME Internode Applet 1.6.1

I had mentioned a GNOME applet available from Internode for keeping tabs on your Internet usage, well this has recently been updated to now work with Python 2.6 …  Below is the instructions for installing.

Installation Instructions

Firstly, make sure you have the following installed:
– Python (>= 2.3)
– Any additional gnome-python-extras or python-gnome-extras
packages for your system.

Extract the archive and run the following as root:

# python install
# killall gnome-panel

You should now be able to right-click on your GNOME panel, choose
'Add to Panel' and select the Internode Usage Meter Applet.

Good luck and enjoy!

Sam Pohlenz <>

NOTE: as of the time of writing version 1.6.1 does not report usage with Internode easy plan.

Changes to my APRS I-Gate VK7HSE-JS (VK7HSE-3)

I've been using APRSD for about 18 months and this has worked well whilst using an i386 system, I've just recently upgraded my PC to x86_64 (AMD64 X2 7750) and I've discovered since re installing all the necessary software to get the I-Gate back up and running that APRSD has a major bug in x86_64 version because when a TCP connection is established it would cause APRSD to segfault and leave fellow APRS enthusiasts here in my local area without Internet porting. So my solution to this is was to move over to javAPRSSrvr …  Now I'm not familiar with Java one bit so I was rather stumped as to how to get it all working! there is some documentation that comes with this application, but it is aimed at the main configuration file and for those who would already be familiar with Java so I was left to assume that Google would reveal the answer…(sadly NOT!)

Well as this application is for Amateur Packet Radio, there isn't the user base that would normally make information freely available! The application isn't open source but is free for Amateur Radio users (some conditions apply!) to use.  So far I can see advantages to using javAPRSSrvr, and I have found one issue that has me scratching my head! there is a section for using ax25 (in ubuntu ax25 is already loaded as modules for the kernels) but the library source seems to be specific for i386 so I haven't got that bit working just yet! … So the long/short of it all is that now there is a different http appearance to VK7HSE-JS 😀

Me TV Development Wiki

A wiki page has been set up on to confirm feature functionality prior to moving towards version 1.0 Your help in testing features and reporting back on the wiki page would be appreciated.  Currently version 0.10.0~beta4 has resolved most bugs that have been reported against this project, but more testing is needed…  So if you have either a USB DVB device or a PCI DVB device and are using another digital television program could I ask for you to just give Me TV a try and report any issues that you may have! (imaging that last sentence in a groveling voice!)

Me TV is available from Launchpad (for both current stable & development versions) at

Me TV 0.10.0~beta1 Available for testing

Please assist with testing features and report back on

Features that are not confirmed to be working will be dropped from future releases! (we need your input)

* Now using a custom xine player

* Fixed mute on channel change issue

* Fixed video size issues on startup

Available from





Also available from development ppa at

Me TV 0.9.6~beta5 updates

Here's an update on what has been worked on during this beta phase…

  • Scheduled recordings/EPG events are now deleted when the channel is deleted
  • An attempt to make the scan/import more friendly to duplicate channel names
  • Made EPG save more efficient
  • Fixed crash when adding a scheduled recording

Screenshot-About Me TV

Screenshot-Me TV - SBS TWO(SBS) - Tour De France 2009 Live Stage 9

To get yourself the current beta visit