Server Monitoring with Icinga

Do you run your own server? if so, what do you use to monitor the services that you run? You may have heard of Nagios? But have you heard of Icinga? Icinga is a fork from Nagois, to always remain backward compatible (feature dependant) with Nagois. So why would I chose Icinga over Nagios? Icinga […]

Further javAPRSSrv ports update (I know again!)

After some consultation with the T2 Sysops I now have my javAPRS mirrored like that of a T2 server, but without T2 status! (I need a fixed IP to become one) So here is the list of amended ports… Available Ports Port Number Description 1314 Messaging Only Feed 8080 HTTP POST Submission Port 10142 VK2 […]

Kubuntu Karmic Alpha4

I'm usually a GNOME user, and until recently I've been keeping an eye on the developments with KDE4.3 I have to admit there has been some good work done to this desktop since it's first release! (view this like a person who has had limited experience with KDE!) So far the only major issue I […]

Amended ports for JavAPRS!

In my previous blog I mentioned that the available ports had changed from the previous install of APRSD. As my I-Gate was only connecting to one of the Australian T2 servers, the claim on my javAPRS status page saying that to get a "Full APRS Feed" on port 10152 was simply untrue! I wasn't connecting […]

Available ports for javAPRS

Since changing from APRSD to JavAPRSServ the ports that one can connect to have also changed! The old ports have been removed, leaving now only 3 to connect to and 1 HTTP port 1314: Message-only Feed 10152: Full APRS-IS Feed (limited to within 300Km of my location) 14580: User-defined Filtered Feed 14501: HTTP status page […]

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