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Server Monitoring with Icinga

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Do you run your own server? if so, what do you use to monitor the services that you run?

You may have heard of Nagios? But have you heard of Icinga?

Icinga is a fork from Nagois, to always remain backward compatible (feature dependant) with Nagois. So why would I chose Icinga over Nagios?

Icinga Project´s Mission

  • Icinga aims to be the best choice for open source enterprise monitoring.
  • Icinga promises new, long-awaited features while maintaining a clear upgrade path for existing Nagios installations.
  • Icinga will enable easy extension of system functionality through a clearly defined addon API. Thus addons for Icinga do not need to deal with access rights or data access privileges as these functions will be centrally provided by the API
  • Icinga contributors will maintain open communication inside and outside the project
  • Icinga developers will focus on features, usability and scalability of Icinga for our users.
  • Icinga is an open-source project, publishing its work under the GNU General Public License.

I use Icinga to monitor the following services on my sever…

  • FTP
  • SSH
  • SMTP
  • HTTP
  • IMAP
  • Disk Space
  • System Load

And so far all is working well and I’m most happy with the way that Icinga is developing…

Here is the system summary …

Screenshot-Icinga - Mozilla Firefox

Services break down…

Screenshot-Icinga - Mozilla Firefox-1

Alert summary…

Screenshot-Icinga - Mozilla Firefox-2

So as you can see from these images the current layout is very similar to Nagois but this is about to change in version 0.8.3 for more details on Icinga visit…

Further javAPRSSrv ports update (I know again!)

Friday, August 28th, 2009

After some consultation with the T2 Sysops I now have my javAPRS mirrored like that of a T2 server, but without T2 status! (I need a fixed IP to become one) So here is the list of amended ports…

Available Ports
Port Number Description
1314 Messaging Only Feed
8080 HTTP POST Submission Port
10142 VK2 Feed
10143 VK3 Feed
10144 VK4 Feed
10145 VK5 Feed
10146 VK6 Feed
10147 VK7 Feed
10148 VK8 Feed
10149 SATGATE Feed
14577 Your Position + 100km
14578 ZL Feed
14579 VK/ZL Feed
14580 User Definable Filter Port

Kubuntu Karmic Alpha4

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I’m usually a GNOME user, and until recently I’ve been keeping an eye on the developments with KDE4.3 I have to admit there has been some good work done to this desktop since it’s first release! (view this like a person who has had limited experience with KDE!) So far the only major issue I have struck is that the video that’s on board is an ATI! (ASUS M3A76-CM motherboard with an AMD 7750+ x2 Athlon CPU) and the latest ATI Catalyst™ Display Driver (17/08/2009) fails to install leaving you with a rather broken XORG 🙁 So no pretty 3D eye candy just yet!

I use Skype a fair bit, and I was happy to find that it worked! but then I  installed FireFox 3.5 (this pulled in a lot of other GNOME packages) and now Skype fails to load with a sound library issue! (libasound2) so at this point it appears that FireFox and Skype don’t co-habitate… so after writing this post it’s good bye FireFox 3.5 🙁

I’ve failed to mention that I’m running this under x86_64 as i want the full potential out of my hardware! I’ve noticed that the CPU(s) only idle, in that they really don’t have much load so this is good! memory usage is just on 750Mb out of 4Gb (swap partition not being used!) so I’m happy with that! those results are considerably different to when I was running it under i386 (ubuntu 9.04)  the CPU(s) used ti idle around 15% each when doing essentially nothing!

So I’m liking what I see thus far, and it will be interesting to see how things develop as time goes on…

Amended ports for JavAPRS!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

In my previous blog I mentioned that the available ports had changed from the previous install of APRSD. As my I-Gate was only connecting to one of the Australian T2 servers, the claim on my javAPRS status page saying that to get a “Full APRS Feed” on port 10152 was simply untrue! I wasn’t connecting to any of the following core servers ( The data I receive from the Australian T2 server is not a full worldwide feed, but a filtered Australian & New Zealand feed. So I’ve corrected this by changing the port for (what was) a “Full Feed” to that of “Filtered” from  the Australian T2 server so hopefully this will remove any confusion! (confused?)

Here’s what is available on the Australian T2 servers (

Available Ports
Port Number Description
1314 Messaging Only Feed
8080 HTTP POST Submission Port
10149 SATGATE Feed
14577 Your Position + 100km
14578 ZL Feed
14579 VK/ZL Feed
14580 User-defined Filtered Feed

So my available ports are now as follows… (

Available Ports
Port Number Description
1314 Message-only Feed
14579 VK/ZL Feed
14580 User-defined Filtered Feed

Available ports for javAPRS

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Since changing from APRSD to JavAPRSServ the ports that one can connect to have also changed!

The old ports have been removed, leaving now only 3 to connect to and 1 HTTP port

1314: Message-only Feed

10152: Full APRS-IS Feed (limited to within 300Km of my location)

14580: User-defined Filtered Feed

14501: HTTP status page (this is the only port viewable with a web browser!)

you can telnet into the first 3 however the information you receive back won’t make much sense unless you are using an APRS compatible application to interpret the data!

APRS uses AX25 to send and receive GPS positions, messages and objects for Amateur Radio use.

Me TV 1.0.0 Released

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Changes in this release are…

  • Reimplemented menus/toolbars in UIManager
  • Added menu accelerators
  • Added Channel Up/Down and “Change View Mode” menu items
  • Using a configurable deinterlacer rather than the hard-coded tvtime
  • Added French translation

Available from

  • me-tv-1.0.0.tar.gz
  • me-tv_1.0.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1_i386.deb
  • me-tv_1.0.0-0ubuntu1~jaunty1_i386.deb
  • me-tv_1.0.0-0ubuntu1~karmic1_i386.deb

Also available from stable repository at