Ubuntu Karmic Release 29th October

I'm wondering if there is anyone interested to either hold/assist with an Ubuntu release get together? Note: I used the wording "Get Together" as they are usually referred to as release parties. If there is little response then I have my answer! I was thinking the location to be at a local on-line access center. […]

Leukaemia Foundation Light the Night Hobart

Well with the weather Hobart has been blessed with for the last 24 hours the original plans for this occasion had to be changed due to the heavy rain !!! However a large turn out packed the Hobart City Hall for the first Leukaemia Foundation Light the Night. It was announced that Tasmania had raised […]

How to make your own unique font…

Have you ever had a need to have a unique font for a particular task? Well watching a past episode of Category5 there was a short segment on a particular website offering just that! a way to create your own font. Now there maybe easier way to do this, I am not an expert on […]

Internode Usage Meter for GNOME updated! (ver1.7)

From time to time, err OK, well when I remember to check the site for any updates to the Internode Usage Meter for GNOME. I was pleasantly surprised today to notice that the Usage Meter has recently been updated  and now supports the newly introduced Internode Easy Plan. So again keeping tabs on my 30Gib […]

Kubuntu Karmic Alpha5 on Eee PC 701SD

as of today I have installed kubuntu karmic alpha5 onto my Eee PC 701SD. I've used the standard desktop install not the netbook version! the first issue I struck was that my WAP is old, and it only uses 40 bit WEP. Now the default network manager wouldn't connect, even though I had selected the […]

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