Icinga 1.0 RC1 awaits you!

The much awaited release of Icinga 1.0 RC1  is now available for download! New features/updates implemented in this release are… (see Changelog for more detail) Oracle support with oclilib SSL support idoutils: fix typecast bug – unsigned long is bigger then int idoutils: fix oracle notif_timeperiod_object_id (30 chars max) idoutils: fix oracle table serviceescalationcontactgroups (30 … Read more

Ubuntu-AU and the amusing spam!

As most of us are aware the numerous mailing lists are always the target of spammers, with there bid to attempt to flood us with there content! well this is a fine example of a spam message (that had the Conficker worm attached!) that recently has been hitting the ubuntu-au mailing list… “Dear Microsoft Customer, … Read more

Ubuntu is happy to call itself open source… (or is it?)

In recent news Mark Shuttleworth has just announced that the Ayatana project is to become a closed group and that membership will only be by invitation only. So is the following statement still true? “Ubuntu is happy to call itself open source” IMHO I’d say no! but I am merely one however, this does raise … Read more

13 days to go… to Icinga 1.0RC

With only 13 days to go before the first Release Candidate, There are some area’s that still need some testing before this can be classed as stable, these include IDOUtils PostgreSQL and German documentation.  To get hold of the current git branches or to just review the current changes please visit… Its most important to … Read more

Is change as good as a holiday ???

I’ve always struggled to find a WordPress theme that I’m happy with, as I like to think that what I present in a way portrays something on my own personality! Over the last year I have been using several themes, but I seem to return to K2 at some point and then just making a … Read more

Creating custom logos for Icinga/Nagios

By default your service map will show your defined services with a question mark logo, this is due to  the default logos used are unknown.gif and unknown.gd2. You can define your own custom logos thus giving a more personalised look. There have been logo packs made for use with Nagios, well theses of course will … Read more

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