Telstra now support SMS to Twitter…

It's been quite a while since I logged into to Twitter But I noticed today that there is now the option (providing you are a Telstra subscriber) to send/receive updates.

The link to "Read more…" then takes you to the blog post on twitter to then explain a little more!

So this will no doubt give the Gen-Y's something to play with, but is it really necessary? I mean Twitter is a popular micro blog, but because it's limited to 140 characters and most modern phones span messages above that limit, I wonder how the message content will be dealt with once you go over the limit? I'm assuming that it will be truncated to the first 140.

So will you be sending a SMS to 0198089488 ???

In Wikipedia we trust!

Well for some it's now official… use Wikipedia as a guaranteed reference source! OK maybe not for everyone! but it has been reviled recently that the Australian Taxation Office has…

THE Australian Tax Office faces international embarrassment after it used the online site Wikipedia as a source for a ruling affecting the fate of hundreds of millions of dollars.Wikipedia has been criticised for the quality of its information, but the ATO trusted it enough to use it for a definition of the business term "private equity". The ATO has acknowledged it referred to the online information source for the ruling, but denied it was a primary source. A draft determination made on Wednesday said: "A key component of private equity as an asset for institutional investors is that assets are typically realised after some period of time, which will vary depending on the investment strategy." Wikipedia says: "A key component of private equity as an asset class for institutional investors is that investments are typically realized after some period of time, which will vary depending on the investment strategy."

So maybe its time to start quoting Wikipedia for all reference sources then we can all ensure that we a re all on the same page! So if this is to become an acceptable place for reference (I don't believe it ever will!) then there are going to be some very confused people out there! meaning that, at this stage almost anyone can edit the content of a Wiki page, that's the point of it so that the content is dynamic and is easily updated. This would present a serious problem though, if the content had been abused and that content was then referenced!

But for now, I'd say use a combination of reference material to assist in defining things! … 😀

Google Wave… Invites!

I got my first Google Wave invite about 2 months ago, since then I have to admit that I haven't used it that much nor have I really been overly interested in its capabilities. However , I do have a quantity of "invites" (it seems that you receive them every month to add more friends!) but as I'm a social reject! I don't seem to have many people "connected" in the wave.

So if you have a desire to get into "THE WAVE" then drop me an email and I'll pass off these invites that are doing nothing!

(note: email address is available from here…  Contact Me or use the submission form on that page)

TOR… a use for testing my WordPress plugins!

Well I played around with using TOR a while back, but I found that the cost of some privacy came at a cost on speed! anyway its been a while since then and I thought it would be a good test to see how some of the plugins that I use on my Blog react when being accessed via a TOR Network.

Well as I expected, Bad Behaviour was effective on refusing access by throwing the following back at the user…

So curiosity got me, I attempted to login to FaceBook… I was surprised with the result!…

So in this instance all I needed to do was enter my birth date and I was in… the previous attempt failed as the same prompt greeted me, but I had no idea what language it was in so FAIL on my behalf!

So as you can see TOR has an advantage in anonymity, at a cost to functionality, I did a whois test on the multiple IP's that I was being piped out by, to discover that most were of Eastern European origin and due to some types of activity conducted in these parts (spam, porn, phishing, fraud etc…) I found that most sites I visited didn't work or had partial functionality! I assume this was due to the IP mask being used had to be blacklisted in some way to prevent any unsolicited activities!

The other thing is to, if you are to set up as a TOR relay, you have no control over the traffic that is passed through it, so even though you may think you are doing people a favour by acting as a TOR relay, you in fact be aiding in someone being a victim of phishing or worst, illegal activity such as access to child pornography.

Here in Australia, there are tough penalties for involvement in such activities, so acting as a TOR relay could land you in some rather hot water (seek legal advice to clarify this matter!) So to sum up TOR… It certainly has a valid use, but it also has a nasty history for the type of traffic it relays. So even though I have set up my Desktop PC to be able to use a TOR network, I don't think I'll be using it for much… Testing WordPress plugins I suppose! 😀

Extract from Icinga release

Sourced from

December 16 2009: Today the Icinga Team releases the Icinga Core 1.0. This is a milestone for both the team and the project as a whole. After many months of hard work we are proud to bring you a stable, alternative monitoring solution. This release includes many changes as suggested by the community and in particular the inclusion of Oracle in IDOUtils.

With just as many new improvements, Icinga Web UI has hit release 0.9.1 alpha. We have added a makefile for easier installation and fixed installation permission and cache problems. More changes are still to come, including an ExtJS update to 3.0.3. See below for the full list of new developments across Icinga Core, API, Docs and Web.

As we are always eager to keep the momentum going, we have decided to release the stable Icinga Core alongside the Icinga Web 0.9.1 alpha. These two will converge again in the coming months to a uniform release status. Till then, we hope you like the latest improvements.


  • Improved IDOUtils with Oracle
    Added prepared statements for most called queries
    Split code into ocilib OR libdbi, to allow oracle to decide which rdbm lib will be used during configuration
  • idoutils: fixed duplicate rows in table system commands, timed events, timed event queue (missing unique keys)
  • idoutils: added upgrade path/sql queries for unique key failure – check docs for more information
  • idoutils: changed default data_processing_options in idomod.cfg
  • idoutils: fixed this version and perl path generation in db install scripts
  • idoutils: fixed save custom variables segfault


  • Updates and fixes for quickstart guides
  • New section on upgrading Icinga & IDOUtils
  • Revised section for Icinga Web


  • Restructured DB access for upcoming RDBM support
  • Made several fixes for table prefix, exception handling
  • Started a 'how-to' guide for upcoming documentation


  • Added makefile for easier installation
  • Fixed installation permission and cache problems
  • Modified .htaccess
  • Removed yui
  • Removed php notice warnings (isset, undef vars)
  • In the process of changing API result keys to uppercase
  • In the process of updating ExtJS to 3.0.3
  • Introducing commands through the web

Should you find any issues, please report them to the following links:

  • Report Issue API
  • Report issue Core
  • Report Issue Docs
  • Report Issue Web

As always we look forward to your feedback, so feel free to drop us a comment.