Telstra now support SMS to Twitter…

It's been quite a while since I logged into to Twitter But I noticed today that there is now the option (providing you are a Telstra subscriber) to send/receive updates. The link to "Read more..." then takes you to the blog post on twitter to then explain a little more! So this will no doubt … Continue reading Telstra now support SMS to Twitter…

In Wikipedia we trust!

Well for some it's now official... use Wikipedia as a guaranteed reference source! OK maybe not for everyone! but it has been reviled recently that the Australian Taxation Office has... THE Australian Tax Office faces international embarrassment after it used the online site Wikipedia as a source for a ruling affecting the fate of hundreds … Continue reading In Wikipedia we trust!

Google Wave… Invites!

I got my first Google Wave invite about 2 months ago, since then I have to admit that I haven't used it that much nor have I really been overly interested in its capabilities. However , I do have a quantity of "invites" (it seems that you receive them every month to add more friends!) … Continue reading Google Wave… Invites!

TOR… a use for testing my WordPress plugins!

Well I played around with using TOR a while back, but I found that the cost of some privacy came at a cost on speed! anyway its been a while since then and I thought it would be a good test to see how some of the plugins that I use on my Blog react … Continue reading TOR… a use for testing my WordPress plugins!

Extract from Icinga release

Sourced from December 16 2009: Today the Icinga Team releases the Icinga Core 1.0. This is a milestone for both the team and the project as a whole. After many months of hard work we are proud to bring you a stable, alternative monitoring solution. This release includes many changes as suggested by the … Continue reading Extract from Icinga release