Month: March 2010

  • Tasmanian State Election Results ???

    So after a fortnight out from when fellow Tasmanians went to the polls to decide the next four years of government we are still no closer to an answer…  It’s almost a certainty that both Labor & Liberal will have ten seats each with the Greens with most likely take out the remaining five. Oh […]

  • Ubuntu-au Community

    Has the Ubuntu-AU community gone mad?  Sadly lately everyone just seems to be attacking each other rather than working with each other!  I feel that the current level of discussion is purely for self gain and is not contributing to the bigger picture…  🙁

  • Canonical and transparency with Ubuntu community

    There has been much debate on planet ubuntu about the new default themes and the more controversial decision to the placement of the window buttons on the top left hand side (Mac style) as opposed to what some class as the default on the top right hand side (Windows style) What I find more of […]

  • Ubuntu UNE (Alpha3)

    I have recently downloaded the current Alpha3 ISO of UNE (formally UNR) and have installed it on a 4Gb SD card to test it out on my Eee PC 701SD. After spending a little while bringing it up to date (as of the time of writing) I chose to update it before attempting to to […]

  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx has a new theme…

    Well the official announcement was made that ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx) is to have a new theme, and with this comes much discussion over the colour schema. The default for many years has been an Orange & Brown blend that for some they have got fairly accustomed too, so as with most changes you have […]

  • The Matrix runs on Windows XP !!!