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Tasmanian State Election Results ???

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

So after a fortnight out from when fellow Tasmanians went to the polls to decide the next four years of government we are still no closer to an answer…  It’s almost a certainty that both Labor & Liberal will have ten seats each with the Greens with most likely take out the remaining five.

Oh boy here we go again …  HUNG PARLIAMENT  🙁

Ubuntu-au Community

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Has the Ubuntu-AU community gone mad?  Sadly lately everyone just seems to be attacking each other rather than working with each other!  I feel that the current level of discussion is purely for self gain and is not contributing to the bigger picture…  🙁

Canonical and transparency with Ubuntu community

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

There has been much debate on planet ubuntu about the new default themes and the more controversial decision to the placement of the window buttons on the top left hand side (Mac style) as opposed to what some class as the default on the top right hand side (Windows style) What I find more of a concern to to larger community is that major changes never get discussed publicly but just “happen” then those that aren’t adjusted to change then feel that they haven’t had a fair chance to contribute to the overall project. I earlier posted about “ubuntu is happy to call itself open source or is it” there is a growing divide between the commercial interest of Canonical and what they (Canonical) call the ubuntu community, the very people that both support and contribute there time and expertise to better the overall project.

As users of ubuntu, should we be better informed about the major changes, weather they be trivial or actual so that as a community we have a say as currently we are simply sheep following the Canonical shepherd… are we better than this?

Ubuntu UNE (Alpha3)

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

I have recently downloaded the current Alpha3 ISO of UNE (formally UNR) and have installed it on a 4Gb SD card to test it out on my Eee PC 701SD. After spending a little while bringing it up to date (as of the time of writing) I chose to update it before attempting to to check out most of the functionality.

As you can see the desktop it set out the same as Karmic Koala. With the new theme schema I must say has given this release a more professional appearance! I was skeptical of the Plymouth adoption, but I must say that now seeing it, the transitions are a lot smoother with no noticeable flicker (at least on the netbook anyway!)

So far I haven’t noticed any regressions, but I really only use my netbook for web browsing (funny that’s what they are for right?) I have installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras & Skype beta. Skype works fine! there are no noticeable sound issues as like were present in both Jaunty UNR & Karmic UNR. The flash plugin provided in the ubuntu-restricted-extras package has no noticeable issues either as has pass versions. So so far so good!  😉

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx has a new theme…

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Well the official announcement was made that ubuntu 10.04 (lucid lynx) is to have a new theme, and with this comes much discussion over the colour schema. The default for many years has been an Orange & Brown blend that for some they have got fairly accustomed too, so as with most changes you have to either accept it and move on or voice opposition to the change! (the latter not being of any use IMHO)

Here is a screen shot of my desktop… (click on image for a full size view)

As most have been talking on the ubuntu forums about the window buttons being placed on the top left (Mac style) mine has remained as the normal on the top right (Windows style) now my guess is that this is due to the setting in my profile (Gconf) was set like this when the theme was installed and as such did not alter the appearance. My current install was done from the alpha2 install media, this to may have some bearing on that as well but I’m not to sure! there is a poll on ubuntu-forums (may require to login to see the poll)

As I still insist on using Pidgin, the task bar icon doesn’t match the new theme! but then I’m not too fussed about that!  😀

UPDATE: After adjusting the metacity settings in Gconf-editor, I’ve now reproduced the setting displayed in the demo images (ubuntu 10.04)

The Matrix runs on Windows XP !!!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010