What You Get for $50 (AUD)

Ok there is a lot of ISP's around these days, they all want your money and promise you the world!  I put out the challenge for you to find a better deal than Internode So can you get a better deal like this from your current ISP?

Wilfred … There is a dog!

Well there is a Television Series that has me in stitches! it's called Wilfred...  Screens here in Australia on the SBS network A boy, a girl and a bong smoking dog who thinks he’s human…continue their dysfunctional love triangle.  When Adam asks Sarah to marry him and she says ”yes”, her jealous mutt Wilfred unleashes … Continue reading Wilfred … There is a dog!

Ubuntu-au syndication removal

I've requested that this blog RSS feed be removed from the planet.ubuntu.org.au I don't see myself as having a positive and constructive input to be considered a true contributor for both ubuntu-au and ubuntu as a whole. So until this happens, you may see some blog posts that have nothing to do with ubuntu as … Continue reading Ubuntu-au syndication removal

Mailman and my mistake!

Being an Amateur Radio Operator I use and beta test a small device called a TinyTrak4. Now there is a support group for the development of this small device, hosted on Yahoo Groups. As most of us would be aware, Yahoo Groups has many adverts embedded into their mailing lists. Now I thought I'd be … Continue reading Mailman and my mistake!

Tasmanian Politics where to now ?

Well the news is out that after nearly three and a half weeks of limbo, the Tasmanian Governor had the final say in the next four years of politics.  The decision to keep David Bartlett in government has been made! So will it be onward and upwards? or just flounder for the next four years? … Continue reading Tasmanian Politics where to now ?