Some New Additions…

Ok so the content on this blog doesn't change that often! so I've  decided to add some interactive pages that provide real-time data. Notice now that there are two new pages APRS Live Map & Weather list at the top & down the right hand side. I've also added a small weather widget as well, […]

More scare tactics… Are we that STUPID ???

Oh boy this has to be about the highest level of stupidity of the Rudd Government not only do they wish to filter your Internet they will also potentially attempt to ban you if you don't comply. The unanswered question remains that the OS in question (Microsoft Windows) has simply got a lot to answer […]

APRS I-Gate update (server swap)

Effective from today I have retired my IBM NetVista (second server) that was hosting my APRS I-Gate VK7HSE-3. I have moved my  APRS I-Gate to my main server. Whilst I was at it this gave me a chance to remove excess dust build up from within the IBM eServer 220. I have to admit, I […]

OSM now included in XASTIR 1.99 (cvs)

Over the last week or so there has been a major inclusion into the XASTIR project, OSM (Open Street Map) has now replaced the tiger series maps, thus now providing online mapping resources to a larger community. Here is a screen shot from my install of XASTIR…  (click on image for a full size view!) […]

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