Another day, another…

Oh have I missed anything? As from my last post I've been spending most of my time at the hospital visiting Clare. So I've no doubt missed out on any news of worldwide events, national and local so what's been happening? Possibly not much! Here's the view from where I stand… Posted from WordPress for […]

Waiting Time…

Ok another non standard blog post, but I'm currently awaiting for Clare to come out of surgery! Yes she was very nervous prior & no doubt will be post op. but I'm confident in the team working on her will do a great job so she can be back on her feet soon… Oh here's […]

Just some thoughts…

Well as the last week & a half have been pretty hectic, I've not had much time to even look at my blog, little lone write something worth while. There has been lots happening with Clare, but I'm not going to discuss/talk about that in this post, only to day what I just said! On […]

Skype is now available for Android !!!

This has been a long time coming, but finally Skype is available for Android!  Now there are two ways to get the .apk The easiest is to simply download from the android market, or grab it from Skype There are some limitations, this will not works on some Samsung modle phones. There is a list […]

S-OFF for HTC Desire

For the HTC Desire to gain root (superuser) access there is a nice simple application from unrevoked that is essentially a one click application to enable access to root (on your providers supplied ROM this is no permitted!) Well there is now one additional mod you can do for your Desire, its called S-off… so […]

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