Android Gingerbread?

For those that have followed almost any android forum or blogs there's been speculation that the new release of the android OS (code named Gingerbread) maybe released the day after "Black Friday" (the day following thanks giving) so, will the rumours be true?

Either way, for most users that have remained with the stock supplied ROM may never see this update be released for their phone! as some have yet to even have FroYo pushed out.

Well let's hope that the waiting ends soon…


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The Audreys – Wrest Point Casino 20th November 2010

Last night my mother & I went to see The Audreys playing at Wrest Point Casino for their Sometimes the Stars Australian tour. I have to admit but there wasn't as many people there as I had expected there to be, but hey it meant that most of us got a seat and could simply enjoy the music!

I had my phone with me so I took some happy snaps, I'm going to include all that I took (some are a little blurry) So this is what you have missed out on if you didn't make the show…

The show was absolutely fantastic, and I even got to speak to Taasha & Tristan after the show   🙂

P.S: After seeing how some of these songs are played live it has given me a new appreciation for the Capo!

Where is Timmy Mouse?

Just recently Maisie's favourite toy (Timmy Mouse) went AWOL! so after turning the house upside down he's just vanished, today we have gone and purchased a replacement (actually two of them!) Oh boy, Maisie is now a happy cat… 😉


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Change is a coming to Debian

Today while I was updating both my desktop & Eee Pc's I now have the new Debian background that has been approved for Debian 6.0 (squeze) here is what I'm talking about (image taken from my Eee Pc)

So as you can see its quite simple and not distracting to the eye! (as some can be) also the default Grub2 splash image has changed as well, and it to is a nice change from what has ben the standard since Grub2 was adopted in Debian testing.

So my uneducated guess is that Debian 6.0 is just around the corner…

The Mohs Scale of Crapiness!

Ever had the need to express your level of CRAP? Well now you can with this little list provided by, so as you can see you can make it very clear just how CRAP you are feeling!

Try it out for yourself…


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