DynDNS no wild card = No Love

On the 28th of January, I noticed that nearly all web traffic had come to a complete stop on my site (including bots!) this lead me to investigate what was going on, had I neglected a setting when switching of to the new router? No! it turns out that DynDNS removed wild card support for … Read more

Me TV 1.3.6-1 available on mentors.debian.net

Today I have pushed Me TV 1.3.6-1 to mentors.debian.net ChangeLog extract… Fix for shifting EPG events outside before/after Removed ellipsis from first event Attempting to create recording file on write rather than ChannelStream constructor This should land into Debian Sid/Unstable within a few days, Also updates for Ubuntu are available on LaunchPad

Tier2 APRS-IS network…

Below is an image of the current Tier2 APRS-IS network, at a glance you can see how it’s been broken into regions   asia.aprs2.net for Asia aunz.aprs2.net for Oceania euro.aprs2.net for Europe and Africa noam.aprs2.net for North America soam.aprs2.net for South America As the end user, you can simply choose to connect directly to any … Read more

Day 3 2011

Well it’s day three of twenty eleven, no blog post until now, suffering from a head cold and not feeling the best! my left ear is completely blocked and its rather disorientating 🙁 So enough whining… As I posted in the comments to my last blog post I have been approved as a T2 Server and have … Read more

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