Google Ad-Sense be no more!

Today I have received notice that my Google Ad-Sense account has been suspended due to a breech of terms. I first applied for Google Ad-sense back in 2008 when I first setup this blog (October 2008) during this time I’ve had Google’s Ad-Sense ads only on my blog using a WordPress plug in called “All in One … Read more

Android WordPress application updated

Just the other day the WordPress application for Android was updated to include http user login (I don’t use that method) and timed publishing for releasing a blog post at a set time (future posting) along with send password on post upload (I assume that this is for the previous option) The only thing that … Read more

First decent day of rain!

Oh WOW! today has been a wet one, it’s been raining now for most of the night and pretty much all day so far, but my weather station claims no rain! So what’s going on there? well although I’ve not taken the top off the rain gauge I’d say a spider has most likely made … Read more

Australia = Super Nanny State

Well the Australian government has announced that cigarette packs are to be plain labeled with larger images of the effects of smoking to the user. This is one measure that I think is taking both the tobacco company’s freedom to advertise their products away and treating all smokers like mindless idiots! So what’s next? That … Read more

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