IPv6/4 Dual Stack With Billion 7404VGOX

I've just enabled IPv6 on my ADSL router (Billion 7404VGOX) So I just need to find out if the IPv6 assigned to me is dynamic or static because if it's static I can then enable routing for my T2TAS APRS server. I've only been trying to get this working for around 3 months! Amazing what … Continue reading IPv6/4 Dual Stack With Billion 7404VGOX

WordPress version rollback

When I completed the server rebuild I decided at the same time to rollback from using the WordPress nightly svn build to the current stable release (3.2) From what I can gather, there's been a sql table rewire but it doesn't seem to be affecting any of the content (must have only been a small … Continue reading WordPress version rollback

Server Rebuild Complete

The previous post that I mentioned that I was about to rebuild this server was not backed up so its lost in the either! However I've removed Ubuntu Server Edition and now the server is using Debian (stable) During this process I've opted not to restore some of the items that I was using previously … Continue reading Server Rebuild Complete