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WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Now depending on what device you access this blog will determine which theme you are going to be shown. For non mobile devices you will get the standard WordPress Twenty Eleven, this theme is nice and simple in it’s layout, I have been silly not to be using it a long time ago! Now I like dark themes, and in the past I’ve been using the raindrops theme (note that it was pretty much setup like twenty eleven is now!) and over the life of this blog I’ve used quite a few themes. I’ve got to say that the hard work that goes into creating a theme and to have someone use it must give the developer a buzz!

Anyway the other theme you will get from viewing from a mobile device (phones or tablets) you will get the WPtouch Pro mobile theme. Out of the mobile themes available for WordPress, I’m simply am in awe for the flexibility that WPtouch provides. I just don’t see anything else that comes close to WPtouch (no I’m not being payed to say any of this!)  Seriously, if you use WordPress, then you can get WPtouch for free! (there is a paid version available) I’m sure that you will get a much better response from your mobile users…

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Updated broken links

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

I’ve just gone through my Blog posts and used Broken Link checker to test all the external/internal links from postings. There were a few that have disappeared of the face of the earth and some that just needed updating.

This did cause some traffic on as I forgot to temporary disable the plugin! (Oops AGAIN!) So that’s all now finished and I had just over 280 links that I needed to review!:|

Images in posts?

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

I’ve just noticed that most of the images that should be visible within posts appear as broken links!  All the images are on the server, there seems to be something wrong within WordPress, or mySQL.

At first I thought no problem, that’s an easy fix…  No its not! as this will require me to edit every post and relink the files. Now having just on two and s half years of blog posts, that would be rather time consuming!

So for the moment, broken image links it is until I either find a semi/fully automated way of fixing the problem it’s going to remain.  😐

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