Meadowbank Fire activates Cambridge IMT

I got a phone call at around 17:45 to ask me what I had planned for the evening! I was just a little non committal at first, but after I phoned the contact from the IMT the picture was looking pretty grim so I put aside my reluctance and headed to Cambridge. This is the … Read more

Lymphoma, almost 5 years on…

Gosh how time passes quickly, as it didn’t seem that long ago that I was on the front line for treatment. How I dreaded each chemotherapy session due to both the physical side effects as well as the mental breakdown within me as time passed. All the trouble I had after the 2nd, 3rd & … Read more

Healthcare condition critical

PATIENTS with gallstones or hernias faced never having their necessary operations unless they suffered serious complications that required emergency surgery, an inquiry into Tasmania’s health cuts was told yesterday. Leading Tasmanian health professionals have called on the Federal Government to take over the state’s public hospitals, calling the current health system a “dog’s breakfast” at … Read more

Trial use of WPGplus

One of the frustrating things about Google+ is the lack of an API for developers to be able to write 3rd party plugins for either posting to or reading from Google+ It’s been a while now since I last checked on to see if there’s been any progress with a plugin for posting from … Read more

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