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Recession we had to have!

THE State Government will neither know nor admit if the state is in a recession before November, Premier Lara Giddings said yesterday.

Several hours of parliamentary proceedings were yesterday consumed by debate over the state of Tasmania’s economy, with the Premier staunchly denying it was possible to tell if it was shrinking or not.

“It is impossible to prove one way or the other whether Tasmania’s economic performance meets the conventional definition of recession,” Ms Giddings told State Parliament.

“The 2011-12 annual gross state product figures will not be published until November of this year.

“If this does indeed show that an economic contraction has occurred then we will acknowledge that.”

But Opposition Leader Will Hodgman insisted that with rising unemployment and languishing business sectors, the state’s economy was clearly in trouble.

“What Tasmanians have seen this morning is a government in denial,” he said.

“We have the highest unemployment rate in the nation and this Government needs to take action to deal with that.

“There are over 18,000 people in Tasmania on the unemployment queues and they don’t want to see a premier unable, because of political pride, to even mention the word recession.

“The Premier and her ministers can’t even accept the problem. What chance have we got of a solution?”

Greens leader Nick McKim said that rather than debating whether the state was in a recession, the Opposition might come up with some solutions of their own.

“If the Liberals wanted to play a constructive role they would stop talking the state’s economy down,” he said.

Sourced from The Mercury

Ok so when is a recession not a recession? To play on words simply makes a complete mockery of the Tasmanian population as a whole.

I still believe that the Tasmanian Govnor has a lot to answer for, after all it was he who directed the Labour Party to form a government (a minority one at that) Since then former premier David Bartlett has jumped ship to the private sector along with the former treasurer has retired from politics just in time for handing down the state budget blowout.

The current opposition (Liberal) have simply criticised pretty much all that the government has done or has indicated it will do. There’s not been a clear plan revealed from opposition as to how they will approach the situation.

Tasmania’s has the title of “The Natural State” So naturally anything that could assist the economic situation will “Naturally” never happen! (with minority government) The Greens (Stupidly I voted green) haven’t helped matters by not giving any leeway. The opposition simply has no plans beyond the next election!

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Politics Random Ramblings

Trailer Cam! (Revenue Cam)

POLICE have a brand new, theft-proof weapon against speeding and so far it is working a treat.

The white trailer housing a speed camera worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is already attracting considerable notoriety after being unleashed on the southern public just a couple of weeks ago.

“We’re trialling the trailer to see if it provides a viable alternative to police manning speed camera sites themselves, and so far it is working,” Tasmania Police traffic boss Mark Beech-Jones said.

Anyone thinking about stealing or damaging the trailer spotted everywhere from the Brooker Highway to Huonville lately should think again.

“It’s fitted with a range of anti-theft and anti-vandalism devices so I’d suggest people leave it alone,” Insp Beech-Jones said.

Civilian speed camera operators have been sacked across the state as the police department battles to meet its multi-million dollar budget cuts.

“If the trailer is successful we will roll out more of them in the coming months,” Insp Beech-Jones said.

And complaining over its use and the use of speed cameras in general should stop to consider speeding proved the state’s prime problem on the roads this Easter.

“Overall, Tasmanian motorists deserve a pat on the back we’ve recorded a fatality-free Easter and while we’ve conducted 5000 more breathalyser tests than last Easter, we’ve caught five less drink-drivers,” Insp Beech-Jones said.

“But unfortunately speed continues to be a major issue with 818 people detected driving over the posted limit.”

Sourced from The Mercury

Well certainly a trailer is far cheaper than the latest model SUV! But the better thing is to simply not to speed! although I thought that Tasmania Police would have put a total block on the use of speed cameras as a way to say to the state government that cutting frontline services is not the best way to combat issues such as speed along with many other issues.