Powerless yet holds the Power?

TASMANIANS had been denied the chance to benefit from the Big Electricity Switch campaign because there was no retail contestability, One Big Switch director Christopher Zinn said yesterday. Nearly 200,000 consumers in NSW, SA, Victoria, the ACT and Queensland had received discounts in their electricity bill up to 16.5 per cent in NSW and up … Read more

AirDroid for your Android

AirDroid is an excellent application for utilising the functions of your Android phone via a web browser. This doesn’t require root access to your phone, and should work with pretty much all current phones on the market. One of the most annoying things for Linux users (myself) is the total lack of software available for … Read more

Galaxy Nexus Sales Prohibited?

With Apple’s monolithic mindset of litigate don’t innovate recently got the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Google’s development phone) added to the never ending list of common features that make up a phone (my way of putting it) all sales were halted in the USA. But did this action extend to Australia? (I don’t know the answer … Read more

Screen Captures for Galaxy Nexus

Since getting my Samsung Galaxy Nexus I had noticed that on a few forums there are images of screen captures that included the phone as part of the image. Well today I discovered the site that people are using to create such images! Here’s an example of the type of screen capture I’m talking about. … Read more

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