Month: March 2013

Bush Fire Season 2013

Tasmanian bush fire season for 2013 has been one of the busiest that I've had the chance to assist with. The two fires that will be remembered are Inala road at Forcett and Dawson road at Lake Repulse. This was the first time (to my knowledge) that additional crews were sourced from interstate and New […]

Seriously You Are Kidding Me?

Seriously this is just a desperate vote grab given that there's an election later on in the year. THE State Government says power price hikes will be a thing of the past for 260,000 Tasmanian households and small businesses. Deputy Premier Bryan Green said Aurora Energy's customer base would be sold off to competing retailers, […]

Phone Line Shenanigans

All the trouble started around 10:45 on the 18th when a contractor working for the NBNCo managed to dig trough the phone cable about 200m down the road. So the obvious was immediate loss of DSL connection which also left me without a telephone. A quick call to my ISP (Internode) revealed that they had […]

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