Month: July 2019

  • Maisie is Missing 😢

    6am Tuesday morning Maisie was let outside and has not returned home. This is very unusual behaviour as she usually is back inside no later than 12pm. For food and a sleep. I’m devastated that she’s not come home.

  • Got Packet Loss?

    Well I’m pretty sure it’s time to get a new router! There shouldn’t be any red in this picture!

  • Radioddity GD-73A

    The GD-73A (TYT MD-430) is a low powered dual timeslot UHF DMR/FM radio that’s recently been released for the amateur radio use. I believe that the original purpose of this radio was to fill the Family Radio System or the European 446MHz short range with limited power and a fixed antenna. However Radioddity are targeting […]