7 Hosts & 50 Services – Icinga Rocks!

I’ve been working on my Icinga Monitoring service, to date I now have it successfully monitoring 7 hosts and 50 services!

So what am I monitoring ??? OK well, I only have a small home network, however I want to know just what is down at any stage! as I run my own Email/Web server its obvious that I want to know if there is a problem with this. I’m also monitoring the services required by the web-server , as in MySQL to ensure that the database is in good health, My sever also has a small UPS that uses NUT, So again just ensuring that all is OK there. I’m also ensuring the services that I make use of from my ISP (POP3, SMTP, HTTP & PING… are they there!) are accessible too, along with two other PC’s (My Desktop & Amateur Radio I-Gate)

If you are interested in how I have achieved this, then here is a link to the relevant files… Icinga-files Please feel free to add any suggestions or advice on these configuration files, as I’m still learning the basics about how they all do the magic that they do!  😉





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