A New Trend (StatusNet)

Since around September last year when Identi.ca was updated to the much-anticipated Status.net 1.0 it has suffered from many outages causing some people to focus on either abandoning identi.ca or hosting their own Status.net instance.  At first I wasn’t overly bothered on hosting my instance, but some time back I did setup a test instance of Statusnet version 0.93 but decided at that it wasn’t necessary for me to simply duplicate the service of identi.ca (that I was using fairly regularly at that time)

In recent weeks I had decided to spend some more time again on identi.ca, but most of the time when I went to post notices I was having some trouble with Mustard (Android Status.net/Identi.ca/Twitter client) but it simply turned out that identi.ca was down! So I wanted to make sure that Mustard was ok with Statusnet 1.0 so the only way to test that for me was to simply setup a setup an instance and well that led me to keep it going once I’d finished the test!

Here’s a copy of my config.php (sensitive data removed!) for reference on how my instance is configured…

if (!defined('STATUSNET') && !defined('LACONICA')) { exit(1); }
$config['site']['name'] = 'vk7hse.org';
$config['site']['server'] = 'vk7hse.org';
$config['site']['path'] = 'status';
$config['site']['fancy'] = true;
$config['db']['database'] = 'mysqli://xxxxx:xxxxx@localhost/xxxxx';
$config['db']['type'] = 'mysql';
$config['site']['profile'] = 'singleuser';
$config['singleuser']['nickname'] = 'vk7hse';
$config['site']['logfile'] = '/var/log/statusnet.log';
$config['site']['theme'] = 'neo-kafei';
$config['queue']['enabled'] = true;
$config['oldschool']['enabled'] = true;
$config['attachments']['supported'] = array('image/png', 'application/ogg');
$config['attachments']['supported'] = true;
$config['sms']['enabled'] = 'true';
$config['admin']['panels'][] = 'sms';
$config['discovery']['cors'] = true;
$config['attachments']['supported'] = array('image/png', 'application/ogg');
$config['attachments']['supported'] = true;
$config['attachments']['file_quota'] = 25000000;
$config['attachments']['user_quota'] = 1000000000;
$config['attachments']['monthly_quota'] = 350000000;
$config['attachments']['uploads'] = true;
$config['attachments']['path'] = "/file/";
$config['attachments']['dir'] = INSTALLDIR . '/file/';
$config['sphinx']['enabled'] = true;
$config['sphinx']['server'] = 'localhost';
$config['sphinx']['port'] = 3312;
// addPlugin('TwitterBridge');
// addPlugin('FacebookBridge');
// addPlugin('OStatus');
// addPlugin('Realtime');
// addPlugin('ClientSideShorten');
addPlugin('InfiniteScroll', array('on_next_only'=>false));
addPlugin('LogFilter', array('priority' => array(LOG_DEBUG => false)));
addPlugin('BitlyUrl', array('login' => 'xxxxx','apiKey' => 'xxxxx'));
addPlugin('Meteor', array('webserver' => 'vk7hse.org','webport' => '81','controlserver' => '','controlport' => '4671'));

Don’t be alarmed by seeing the section commented out (hence the double //) I noticed that I had duplicate listings for plugins so I commented them out. I hope that seeing this configuration helps you out should you wish to setup your own Statusnet instance.

Credits to: @jpope, @parlementum, @ryanweal, @jonkulp & @sazius for helping me by sharing their config files with me, I owe you guys a BEER! 😉
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