A promise bound to be broken!

A LOWER price for power in Tasmania is due to be set within weeks.

Deputy Premier and Energy Minister Bryan Green today said the Economic Regulator’s report had confirmed the state’s electricity prices would fall from January next year.

The new prices would be set by the Economic Regulator after the State Government recommended tariffs for approval over the next fortnight, he said in a statement.

“While we can’t say definitively what the decrease will be until then, we are confident that it will be greater than our original prediction last month (of between 1 and 2 per cent),” Mr Green said.

“Electricity prices around Australia are continuing to go up but we are bucking the trend in Tasmania.

“Recent electricity prices rises experienced in Tasmania will soon be a thing of the past.”

Mr Green said the State Government was on target to introduce retail competition in Tasmania’s electricity market from January 1, which would put more downward pressure on prices.

Sourced from The Mercury

So the empty guarantee of price reduction is the best that the government is offering to the people. Why wait until January 2014 when most are struggling to get by now. Although the projected 1-2% is hardly worth making any noise about, given that doesn’t even cover the last increase… 😐

Also note some of the comments on the original article, that gives you a better idea of how the public feel about it.

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