A Work in Progress Raspberry Pi’s

I’m in the process of transferring this blog from the old IBM-eSERVER 220 to a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. So far the website files and mysql tables have been transferred and seems to be working ok. Email has given me some trouble and is still being run from the old server until I can sort out why it refuses to not accept mail for valid users! The next main change will be moving my T2TAS service to another Raspberry Pi Model B with a TNCPi to take over that function.

Work in progress

A third Raspberry Pi Model B+ will be setup with it’s PiNoIR camera and some IR LED’s to take footage of selected objects of interest! This will most likely not be available to the big world as it may end up becoming part of a home security system.

By the time I get this all sorted all my self hosted services will running from Raspberry Pi’s



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