Android addiction (help)

Ok I think I’m entering my 3rd week of Android ownership, and I have to say why didn’t I get one earlier! The model phone I have is a HTC Desire (Telstra Australia) as mentioned in a previous post I’ve successfully performed the process of “rooting” (jailbreak) so I can use any 3rd party ROMs this also allows the use of some applications to perform tasks that in-rooted phones won’t allow.

The addiction…
I’m now using my phone more than my desktop PC & Eee PC as I have all the social networks that I use setup & e-mail (using home WiFi for internet access) and the portability is the key to my attraction! I’m even gettin faster with the one finger typing on the soft touch keyboard!

My only gripe is that there is no Skype available for Android 🙁

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