Android GingerBread hits town!

In the early hours of this morning Google released the much anticipated update for Android, version 2.3 code named GingerBread. This release has had so many predicted release dates it was kind of like a game of cat & mouse as to when it was going to actually happen! Well it’s now out there for developers to start playing with. I’ve set-up the SDK for Android and I’m able to provide simulated images of what this update looks like, but as yet I don’t have it on my HTC Desire to test.

Please note all images are click-able to make them bigger…

Obviously the grey panel to the right of the screen it to control the function keys whilst testing and the actual image is the screen image on the left. Although this is pure Android AOSP the ROM’s that will become available soon will either feature the ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro or Zeam Launcher (amongst others) I am keen to see how this compares to the current ROM that I’m using (Oxygen by AdamG)

So who will be the first to update their ROM to Gingerbread, and who’s going to miss out all together? (branded tel-co ROM’s)

Our thanks goes out to all who contribute in some way to make the Android OS what it has become and where it’s going to go…

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