APRS Applications for Android

So as you would know, I now have an Android phone. So one of my first tasks was to see if there was anything in the “Market” for use with APRS. I’ve found two, however the second is not in the default market but does reside in another Android application source.

APRS View:
As the title implies this is a receive only application using Google Maps. This is still in early development so expect this to maybe give some trouble but it does show some potential, but as most developers utilise ads to fund it so this does have ads, that I find slightly off putting, but I do understand why they are there. This application is located in the default market thus, it can be installed from there.

This is the application you want for transmitting you position as it is effectively an APRS Tracker. You must bear in mind that this will need 2/3G to access any tier2 APRS server to pass your position data, so if you have limited data access from your provider then you could get a shock on your next bill, however that said, its only passing text not graying map data so you should do ok. As mentioned earlier, this is not in the default market, so to install you are best to grab the latest version from APRSdroid

So there you have it two applications for use with your Android & APRS  🙂





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