As 2010 draws to an end…

With 2010 almost behind us, 2011 just around the corner, what’s going to be greeting you into the new year?

Well for me nothing really exciting or new, just a continuation from the current way of things…

The application for becoming a T2 APRS server is under way (just awaiting confirmation) so hopefully that will be accepted and up & running in the new year. The static IP has been implemented, so they are the two main changes to this server, I’ll most likely ponder carefully the re-implementation of Debian as the OS of choice for this server, but I’ve discovered that most of the current configuration isn’t backward compatible, so I may have to simply backup the essentials and start afresh. Not really the course of action I want to take, but maybe necessary…

So to all of you out there in Internet land, have yourself a safe new year and make sure that you make it into 2011 in one piece! 😉


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