Available ports for javAPRS

Since changing from APRSD to JavAPRSServ the ports that one can connect to have also changed!

The old ports have been removed, leaving now only 3 to connect to and 1 HTTP port

1314: Message-only Feed

10152: Full APRS-IS Feed (limited to within 300Km of my location)

14580: User-defined Filtered Feed

14501: HTTP status page (this is the only port viewable with a web browser!)

you can telnet into the first 3 however the information you receive back won’t make much sense unless you are using an APRS compatible application to interpret the data!

APRS uses AX25 to send and receive GPS positions, messages and objects for Amateur Radio use.

One response to “Available ports for javAPRS”

  1. I have now sorted out the filter that was preventing internet to RF traffic! I’ve also setup the digi to only be an in-fill WIDE1-1 only…

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