Broken 1600 Barrier with Oxygen!

When I’m doing tests on a ROM I tend to run Quadrant (Advanced) 3 times to get an average rather than just a one off result.

Well I’ve just broken the 1600 points barrier! no other ROM that I have used since getting my Android HTC Desire has come close to this score.

So what ROM’s have I tried?

* Stock HTC Sense (Telstra)
* OpenDesire Team HTC Sense
* LeeDrOiD HTC Sense
* T-mod HTC Sense (LeeDrOiD mod)
* Cyanogenmod nightly (AOSP)
* Oxygen (AOSP)

Ok so you say but that’s only 6 ROM’s… well yes, but for each of them there’s been a learning curve as I’ve gone from HTC Sense to AOSP. As much as I like some features of HTC Sense, AOSP has proven to be the fastest and stable, where Sense is rather sluggish by comparison!

Now that proof of life shot…


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