Canonical and transparency with Ubuntu community

There has been much debate on planet ubuntu about the new default themes and the more controversial decision to the placement of the window buttons on the top left hand side (Mac style) as opposed to what some class as the default on the top right hand side (Windows style) What I find more of a concern to to larger community is that major changes never get discussed publicly but just “happen” then those that aren’t adjusted to change then feel that they haven’t had a fair chance to contribute to the overall project. I earlier posted about “ubuntu is happy to call itself open source or is it” there is a growing divide between the commercial interest of Canonical and what they (Canonical) call the ubuntu community, the very people that both support and contribute there time and expertise to better the overall project.

As users of ubuntu, should we be better informed about the major changes, weather they be trivial or actual so that as a community we have a say as currently we are simply sheep following the Canonical shepherd… are we better than this?





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