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  • Death of the ZUMspot

    Sadly it’s seems that the Chinese push into the mmdvm hot spot market (aka Jumbospot) has taken its toll on the ZUMspot team and they have ceased operations with a departing notice on stating that they no longer sell the ZUMspot Pi and the MMDVM Pi boards with a further notice advising to visit […]

  • Cancer Ten Years On

    As I’ve mentioned on this blog I had a bit of a run in with Lymphoma back in 2006/2007. Well here we are and ten years have passed so what’s changed in this time? LOTS! But more importantly what has changed within me, the survivor? Well I’m cancer free, and I have issues related to […]

  • Arduino Due & Electrosmash pedalSHIELD

    I recently purchased an Arduino Due from an $18USD credit from ITEAD. I immediately went searching for something unique to use it for, that’s when I found the ElectroSmash pedalSHEILD and thought that’s the perfect thing. Above is a picture off Electrosmash’s website showing how it all fits together, below is my finished product.  It took me about […]

  • Seriously Joking, Right? 

    Most likely the worst twitter suggested follow I’ve ever received! #youhavegottobefuckingkiddinme

  • STEMTera Kickstarter

    On September 28th the STEMTera bread board was launched on Kickstarter. This is an Arduino compatible micro controller inside a modified solder less bread board. This caught my attention because I mainly tinker with Arduino stuff whilst sitting on the couch! So there are times when I’d have multiple pieces of gear with a rat’s […]

  • LED Tea Light

    With Xmas not far away I’d ordered some LED tea Lights for the wife to make some decorations to give away to the family.  I was interested to find out what was driving the LED, but because all the candles were required I was not able to autopsy one to find out.  This got me […]

  • Migrating to HTPPS

    Over the next coming weeks I’ll be gradually updating old blog posts to be fully compliant to https, Should I find anything that can’t be done then depending on the content I’ll most like just delete it! For now I’ve forced a redirect from http to https at the server level, hence why some content […]

  • Kickstarter or not? 

    I’ve only ever backed one project on Kickstarter, and so far I’ve never seen the product and just keep getting updates claiming that things are going well, oops no there’s a problem with X…  Ok we’re back on track…  Nope now there’s problems with Y.  So I backed the ZNAPS project in July 2015 and the initial statement […]

  • The Demise of Medicare 

    ​$61 to visit my GP when this used to be bulk billed. That’s almost half of my weekly DSP income! #auspol #lnpkillingmedicare 

  • Disappointed Doesn’t Even Come Close… 

    Well the election results are in and…  Fuck me,  how stupid are people?