Packet Radio Station

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As my hobby is Amateur Radio, one of my main interest is Packet Radio. Now just what is Packet Radio ???  Packet Radio is as the title implies, that is that DATA is sent in packets (short bursts) over a radio.There are many forms of this in use commercially, but for Amateur Radio this is limited to a protocol call AX-25. For those of you that are in the IT industry you would have noticed the key word here (X-25) so AX-25 is a non-commercial variant of this.

I’m active on the 40m (7.0 – 7.3 MHz) Amateur Band using 300 baud. For this I’m using a PK-232MBX & Yaesu FT-847 & FC-20. The dial frequency on my radio is 7.039.690 LSB and as the PK-232 uses 2110/2310Hz tones my “CENTRE” frequency is 7.037480 +/-

I also run the APRS I-Gate for this part of the world! for this I use a MFJ-1270b & PRM-8030. The software used is APRSD, This is a Linux program that is dedicated to the task! I also use XASTIR to view and monitor the national APRS frequency of 145.175MHz.

I also occasionally use the local Packet BBS of VK7HDM for this I use a second PK-232 & FT-5200 the frequency used is 147.575MHz. The last image of the Kantronics KPC-9612 this is currently not in use! However I have used this on PCSAT-2 & GO-32 from time to time…

Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings… OK this is my first Blog post for 2009. The answers to the questions that were not asked are… No I did not get totally drunk, I still have both eyebrows! and yes I did sleep in on New Years morning.

Now seriously…

What I’ve been working on over the last few days, was to set-up my own fax server, as I’ll most likely need to send faxes to government departments soon! and as I don’t have a dedicated fax machine, I do have an old USR phone/fax modem

As I’m a Linux geek! I’m using HylaFAX & AvantFAX.

HylaFAX is the actual fax server that handles the modem and all the behind the scenes stuff & AvantFAX is a web based PHP applet that hooks into HylaFAX to provide the front-end user bit! So now (if I need to) I can send faxes even when not at home! just need an Internet cafe and hey presto! (requires a valid user & password)

So what have you been up to over the last few days ??? 😛