Classic 80’s Lego Collection

I’ve recently been re acquainted with my Lego collection from my youth. I’ve discovered that with a combination of time and moving, that most of the instructions to make up the most of the pieces that I have (typical) have not been kept with the Lego. I realise that there are web sites out that specialise in just this kind of mis-fortune. But the main two items that I treasured as a child, are still complete and have now joined me at my current abode!

The Kings Castle (#6080)

(NOTE: image source from

This castle provided me with many hours of entertainment! it was never mixed into my collection it always remained a separate entity.  I got this as a Xmas present in 1984. I don’t have the original build instructions or box for the castle and I appear to be missing one bow for one of the archers! I’ve now got a copy of the build instructions from

Battery Train Set (#7720)

(NOTE: image source from

Likewise with this item, I believed that I didn’t mix it into my main collection but when my wife built it last weekend, it was discovered that a few pieces had managed to find them self a little lost! I still have the original box for this train set along with the build instructions. This was also a Xmas present from 1984…

Now as the early 80’s Lego was (for me) primarily space themed, this makes up a lot of the remainder of the collection. But with my failing memory, I can’t recall all of the items that I had (and not to mention the items I swapped!) so there is a fair amount that can’t be built due to parts missing (lost/swapped) or suffered the fate of the vacuum cleaner!  (Lego’s arch nemesis!) So I suppose this is a lesson in my failing to preserve part of my childhood! but there is a plethora of information on the internet, so maybe I’ll be able to find some of the missing build instructions…




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