Crash Course in XHTML

Huh!… yes well I must say that my introduction to XHTML has been a short bitter sweet experience! OK lets paint a picture here… I wanted to change my home page as I thought it looked a little lame, and as I mentioned in a previous post I went for a XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I’m using amaya – 9.55 (from ubuntu repo’s) for editing as this won’t let you do anything that is outside of that standard! well I wanted to make the picture of the CAcert logo a click-able link… well do you think I could find anything in this program that would do just that ??? No of course I couldn’t (ok I will read the docs soon!) I’m sure that there is a way I just haven’t found it yet!

So I googled a few things about XHTML and that’s where I left it !!! Word of advice, try to be specific on your search or you get a lot of information and your left to think… I’ll do that tomorrow 😀




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