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Cyanogen mod 6.x nightly build

Just to try something different on my phone, I’ve chosen to try the Cyanogen Mod 6.x ROM. This is a non-sense (HTC Sense) ROM and is currently using Froyo 2.2.1

As I’m using setcpu I’ve setup some profiles to attempt to get the most battery uptime as I can, I haven’t timed how long I’m getting (yet) but I’m definitely getting results so far…

Here’s a screen shot of my current home screen (have only set the phone to use one screen)


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Scott Evans
20 October 2010 at 21:01

I’ve managed to get almost 12 hours battery life! The phone came off the charger this morning at around 08:30 and its just shutdown a few minutes ago. So this would mainly be due to the usage of setcpu, but also not using the sense UI has to have had an impact, so tomorrow another run to see if it wasn’t a one off 😉

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