Duck reach Power Station

Over the last few weeks the weather has been rather wet (rain) this of course has the byproduct of flooding, in particular in the north of the state. I happened to be visiting Launceston where most of the heavy rain has taken place. The images below are of the (now) disused Duck Reach Power Station located on the South Esk River, this flows through the Cataract Gorge (a popular swimming & picnicking place) I’ve never been or seen the power station nor the river in flood so it was certainly a spectacular sight!


Also I’ve included a 2 minute video clip to attempt to capture the moment as the still images don’t quite achieve this!

Duck Reach Power Station

See more information on the power station here

By Scott Evans

Linux enthusiast, GEEK and Amateur Radio operator ... NISM ? Cancer survivor of 15 years and counting!

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