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December 16 2009: Today the Icinga Team releases the Icinga Core 1.0. This is a milestone for both the team and the project as a whole. After many months of hard work we are proud to bring you a stable, alternative monitoring solution. This release includes many changes as suggested by the community and in particular the inclusion of Oracle in IDOUtils.

With just as many new improvements, Icinga Web UI has hit release 0.9.1 alpha. We have added a makefile for easier installation and fixed installation permission and cache problems. More changes are still to come, including an ExtJS update to 3.0.3. See below for the full list of new developments across Icinga Core, API, Docs and Web.

As we are always eager to keep the momentum going, we have decided to release the stable Icinga Core alongside the Icinga Web 0.9.1 alpha. These two will converge again in the coming months to a uniform release status. Till then, we hope you like the latest improvements.


  • Improved IDOUtils with Oracle
    Added prepared statements for most called queries
    Split code into ocilib OR libdbi, to allow oracle to decide which rdbm lib will be used during configuration
  • idoutils: fixed duplicate rows in table system commands, timed events, timed event queue (missing unique keys)
  • idoutils: added upgrade path/sql queries for unique key failure – check docs for more information
  • idoutils: changed default data_processing_options in idomod.cfg
  • idoutils: fixed this version and perl path generation in db install scripts
  • idoutils: fixed save custom variables segfault


  • Updates and fixes for quickstart guides
  • New section on upgrading Icinga & IDOUtils
  • Revised section for Icinga Web


  • Restructured DB access for upcoming RDBM support
  • Made several fixes for table prefix, exception handling
  • Started a ‘how-to’ guide for upcoming documentation


  • Added makefile for easier installation
  • Fixed installation permission and cache problems
  • Modified .htaccess
  • Removed yui
  • Removed php notice warnings (isset, undef vars)
  • In the process of changing API result keys to uppercase
  • In the process of updating ExtJS to 3.0.3
  • Introducing commands through the web

Should you find any issues, please report them to the following links:

  • Report Issue API
  • Report issue Core
  • Report Issue Docs
  • Report Issue Web

As always we look forward to your feedback, so feel free to drop us a comment.

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