Eyesight Follow Up

As I mentioned in the last post how radiotherapy side effects has caused damage to the surface of my eyes. Well today I had a follow up to see how the regular use of a lubrication ointment has (hopefully) helped in allowing the eye surface to repair.

Well today It was suggested that I should try using contact lenses over the glasses I got a few months back. This will have a dual benefit by correcting my short sightedness and to provide a protective barrier to the surface of the eye. 

I’ve been supplied with five days of disposable lenses to see if the contacts don’t irritate the eyes or introduce an infection. Well the first six hours were total bliss! The feeling when blinking felt silky smooth as opposed to gritty and dry.

I’m hoping that this allows my eyes to heal or at least settle to the point where they don’t deteriorate any further. So this is still a work in progress.

More to follow…

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4 thoughts on “Eyesight Follow Up”

  1. Hi Scott, hope the contacts help the eyes for you, and they get better soon. But it great to hear they are helping at the moment 🙂


    • Well from the moment they were put in it was instant relief! Also my vision has been sub optimal for months so driving was total bliss as the light haze was pretty much gone! 🙂

  2. Let’s hope the lenses help in a more permanent way, maybe because my vision is not perfect, a little myopic , but i’m pretty sensible about others problems with eyesight.

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