Eyesight & Radiotherapy

For the last few months I’ve been having trouble with my eyesight. Way back in 2007 I needed to have radiotherapy to null the effect of lymphoma consuming my sinuses. Now jump forward to now…  I normally suffer from hay fever during spring/summer and as a result I get itchy dry eyes. Well once that seasonal time passed I was still having problems with dry eyes.

Now you may say “oh dry eyes isn’t a problem” however, prolonged periods can be. You tears lubricate the surface of the eye, so if you have a reduced tear production this can lead to the surface becoming scratched (this irritates the eye even more!) So if left you’re damaging the surface and in turn potentially harming your vision.

So the role that radiotherapy has played in my case is the damage it has done to my tongue, saliva glands & tear ducts. It’s the latter that has caused me my grief because it’s taken until now to show up as being a problem. The vision in my left eye has been suboptimal for months, so I went to an optometrists for a consult to be told that the vision in the left was 48/6 and that I’d need glasses to bring that eye up to standard. My right eye at this point was ok but needed only minor correction. So lenses were ordered frames selected and with the addition of using lots of eye drops/gel all was ok

So that was about two months ago and since then my left eye has improved marginally but my right eye had deteriorated dramatically due to the surface becoming scratched (pretty much as bad as the left was) and the lens for the right eye was now ineffective. So I revisit the optometrists for options, but it’s all down to the lack of tears being made, yes I can use products to assist but nothing is as good as your own tears!

More to follow… (eventually)

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