Family without result…

It has almost been one year since this event took place… its time the “community” acted and get this resolved by assisting Police.

Family challenges killers: Speak up, cowards


“COME forward you gutless bastards. You may have silenced Shane, but you’ll never silence me.”

So says the brother of murdered Campbell Town man Shane Geoffrey Barker.

Mr Barker, 36, a divorced father-of-one, died after being repeatedly shot in the back at his East Street home on August 2 last year.

No one has been arrested – but his family is not willing to let those responsible get away with murder.

“We have our suspicions (as to who’s responsible),” Mr Barker’s brother Paul said yesterday.

“And our message to them is this – we are not going to forget, you cowards.

“What kind of person shoots someone in the back then moves on with their lives, after destroying those of our entire family?”

Paul and his mother Barbara, father Robert and sister Nicole Garwood gathered at Paul’s Prospect home yesterday to issue a renewed plea for justice over a crime that has not only destroyed a family and left a six-year-old girl without a father, but has also divided a community.

Campbell Town residents have been left speculating whether a murderer is in the town since the night of Mr Barker’s death.

But the Barker family believes it knows who is responsible – and that person is not a Campbell Town resident.

“Believe this, you coward, you are human trash,” Paul said.

“We hope you’re having sleepless nights the way we all are.

“We hope you spent Christmas thinking about what you’ve done to us.

“We hope you remembered Shane’s 37th birthday in January and thought of the misery you’ve put us through.

“And we hope you suffer the way we have been for 11 months.

“And know this – we will spend the rest of our lives making sure you do.”

Shane’s father Robert said he wished the person responsible would anonymously tell the family “why”.

“That alone would help us, so much,” he said.

The Examiner contacted Mr Barker’s former wife and the mother of his child Rachael Jordan yesterday, but she said she did not wish to comment on the family’s appeals for information.

Anyone with information in relation to Mr Barker’s murder is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.

Callers can choose to remain anonymous.

Police are believed to be considering announcing a significant reward around the anniversary of the murder.

If this happened to you… surely you would want “Justice” dealt to those that committed such a cowardly act.  Please assist and help us close this horrible chapter…

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