Farewell to Lavinia…


Back in 2006 while I was undergoing treatment for Lymphoma I met a lovely nurse called Lavinia, we hit it off immediately because she was an upfront person who liked to keep the spirits up in such an environment as an oncology ward by having a joke or similar.  I was always pleased when Lavinia was assigned to my care because I knew that I was going to be in good hands.

Lavinia and I were re acquainted earlier this year after seeing an article in the Mercury where her house was flooded and then vandalised while repairs were being done. We met up on the 6th of March a day well-known to me as this was the start date of a very long stay for me in the oncology ward. Whilst I was in for that time Lavinia suffered a bad asthma attack that starved her of oxygen and was left with an acquired brain injury that prohibited her returning to nursing.

Lavinia died on September 23rd 2015

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