Fires and Pi

3rd of January started pretty much like any other day however I was rostered on for a shift with the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) as a radio operator. This was a pre emptive move as the weather was expected to be rather hot (Friday 4th Hobart recorded 41.6°C) so the Cambridge center was on standby. By mid day we were no longer on standby, but activated for a fire that was taking hold in the lake Repulse area. By mid afternoon the IMT was now taking care of two fires as a fire in the Forcett region was spreading fast and was posing as a threat to the houses in the area.

Oh about the Raspberry Pi, I ordered one back in late September (2012) and it arrived in the post on Thursday! At this stage I’ve not had much opportunity to play with it as my commitment to the TFS has taken priority. So at this stage I have Raspbmc running on it. It looks great on a 42″ plasma TV! I will be planning to test the Pi on doing some tasks that I run on my server but I don’t think that it would be suitable for replacing my server (would need a few more units) but I’ll see what happens.

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