First decent day of rain!

Oh WOW! today has been a wet one, it’s been raining now for most of the night and pretty much all day so far, but my weather station claims no rain! So what’s going on there? well although I’ve not taken the top off the rain gauge I’d say a spider has most likely made a home inside the unit and possibly spun a web inside the gauge causing the mechanism to not read (I hope this is the case!)

Here’s the link to the data I feed into Weather Underground as you can see it’ looks like this has been a problem for a while (not noticed due to the lack of rain!) and the latest observations from the BOM claims a significant rainfall amount!

So when the rain eases a bit it’s time to investigate the cause of no rain measurements…

This is what the rain gauge looks like…

By Scott Evans

Linux enthusiast, GEEK and Amateur Radio operator ... NISM ? Cancer survivor of 15 years and counting!

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