Freeview (what a joke!)

This was to promised “new” revolution for television Australia wide! however, since this was first advertised (back in November 2008) very little is yet to appear here in Tasmania.  Although considered a “regional” status, Tasmania has lacked any descent television coverage of the major broadcasters so to miss out on Freeview ONE should not come as any surprise! as yet we still don’t have “ANY” freeview channels since the national advertising campaign went to air over five months ago!

To view the add that was advertised up to the end of January this year Freeview. The last “Media Update” to appear on this website is dated 24 November 2008! so what has happened? what is going to happen? when will this happen? are just some of the questions that are left unanswered!

As these adds imply that Freeview was to begin at the beginning of February (it did in the major populous areas) but there is an even greater expectation that has been left out in the cold. So was this just an attempt to make people either buy a DTV set-top box or DTV ready Television?




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