Further javAPRSSrv ports update (I know again!)

After some consultation with the T2 Sysops I now have my javAPRS mirrored like that of a T2 server, but without T2 status! (I need a fixed IP to become one) So here is the list of amended ports…

Available Ports
Port Number Description
1314 Messaging Only Feed
8080 HTTP POST Submission Port
10142 VK2 Feed
10143 VK3 Feed
10144 VK4 Feed
10145 VK5 Feed
10146 VK6 Feed
10147 VK7 Feed
10148 VK8 Feed
10149 SATGATE Feed
14577 Your Position + 100km
14578 ZL Feed
14579 VK/ZL Feed
14580 User Definable Filter Port
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