GNOME Internode Applet 1.6.1

I had mentioned a GNOME applet available from Internode for keeping tabs on your Internet usage, well this has recently been updated to now work with Python 2.6 …  Below is the instructions for installing.

Installation Instructions

Firstly, make sure you have the following installed:
– Python (>= 2.3)
– Any additional gnome-python-extras or python-gnome-extras
packages for your system.

Extract the archive and run the following as root:

python install

killall gnome-panel

You should now be able to right-click on your GNOME panel, choose
‘Add to Panel’ and select the Internode Usage Meter Applet.

Good luck and enjoy!

Sam Pohlenz <>

NOTE: as of the time of writing version 1.6.1 does not report usage with Internode easy plan.




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